Chief Guest Testimonials

"It was indeed a great pleasure for me to be part of this memorable event at your esteemed Institution.
   I really enjoyed the event and was extremely happy to be part of these celebrations.

I definitely would like to appreciate and commend you for the efforts and logistics that were arranged for the program. Every event was organized very meticulously and in an orderly manner.

The schedule of the program was very well planned and we were able to achieve the schedule adherence very well.

Students were very disciplined and their talent was amazing. Every person participated in the program was well aware of the occasion and was well prepared in their speeches.

Teachers were all extremely oriented towards the program and had contributed for the success of the program.

I was extremely moved with the dedication and commitment with which you have established this institution. Without your determination and grit it would not have been possible to provide employment for more than 100 families and education for more than 1000 young Indians.

I wish you all the very best for the many more years to come.

Mr. B. S. Venkatachalan, Chief Guest of Independence Day - 2018-19

Student Testimonials

"Our school is one of the top most leading schools in our locality. It is a wonderful building with 4 floors.

It is like a temple for me, and teachers are like gods, we are the disciples, there are extraordinary teachers appointed with good qualification to guide the students and try to make them one of the best citizens in our society. There are extracurricular activities besides the studies. Our school has won many interschool tournaments as well as tournaments in state and district level. In our school there is also an educomp facility which makes learning easier and fascinating. Last but not the least I conclude that this was the best school I have ever been to.

Prajwal, class: X A

"When I joined this school I was very much tensed and scared but later all the teachers and my friends supported me.

There are lot of cultural activities which are going on every year in our school. They not only teach us but train us to be disciplined, they make us play every game by which will make us physically fit. Our school management is also good they have more patience. Our school vision is to find a pearl in every child. Every child in this school is completely happy and every parent is satisfied with this school. All teachers are very good and well trained in teaching.

Ajay.G, class: X B

"I am studying from past 10 years in this school. I am glad to say that I am Divine student because I have gone through both good and bad experiences.

All the bad experiences have thought me many lessons. I am happy and proud that successfully I have completed 10 years .I am faithful to all the teachers as well as our school Principal. In our school the teachers are friendly with us and always guide us in the right path. Our school is first at both sports as well as studies. Our teachers are giving us their knowledge and making us the best citizens of our nation. There is sometimes joy sometimes sorrow but I am happy and proud to say that I am a Divine child.

A.Sowmya, class: X A

"We are completely happy and satisfied with our school management.

Initially before joining this institution for high school, I was much tensed about the teaching here, but all the teachers here are very good in teaching. Teachers co-operate with the students in their activities. As our school vision ‘To find a pearl in every child’ our school is encouraging every child to achieve in their field. We have a feeling of being in home when we are in school. More than education, importance is given to the teaching of moral values and discipline. Discipline is strictly maintained in our school. Every student is given concentration for the improvisation in their lives.Our school is the best school in our locality and we are happy to say we are Divine students.

Prajwal, class: X A

"As every student believes that school is our second home, I also believe that our school is my second home where I learn play, write etc

School is the basic foundation for every student to excel in their lives. I feel that my school is amazing, filled with enthusiasm always. Our principal Mrs.ManjulaJagadish always encourages the students to participate in each and every extracurricular activity. She corrects our mistakes and leads us to follow the right path in our life.Our teachers improves our learning skills, self-confidence and make the students to be the best citizens in the world by giving them adequate knowledge not only about the subjects which we learn in our syllabus ,but also the moral values which every students should cultivate in their lives. My school also teaches how to be disciplined, well-mannered, respect our elders which are basic unit in a student’s life. I lastly conclude by saying that ‘My school is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.’

Bhumika D Desai, class: X A

Teachers Testimonials

"I am T.K Sheela teaching for PREP-2 working here from past 17 years. I feel too proud to work here because of my colleagues and management.

Our principal madam is very co-operative and kind. She helped me a lot not only in work but also personally. I am very happy to work here. I think it is my luck only. This year I was appointed as deputy H.O.D.I am thankful to staff management. Till now I got very good parents some are educated and some are uneducated, but they co-operated me in many ways.

T.K Sheela, Class Teacher : PREP-2 ‘A’

"I achieved many things after joining school.I developed my language skill, while interacting with parents I developed good rapport with them.

My confidence level also improved a lot.I got a very good support and encouragement from the management to improve my skills.

Tripura.K, Class Teacher: PREP-1 ‘A’