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Admission Policy

The admission will open for all prospective student in the month of December –January. The number of opening may vary class to class.

All candidates applying through RTE will have to follow the rules laid down by the Government of Karnataka.

Application forms are available in the Divine accounts and Enquiry office for a nominal fee.

Application forms shall be filled by parent/guardian with correct information duly signed and dated. The form with a copy supporting document as mentioned in the form along with the candidate’s four recent passport size photographs shall be submitted to the Divine accounts and Enquiry office before the last date.

The school authorities will call the parents who have submitted a valid application forms along with their wards to a personal interview on a specific date within 10-12 working days from the last date of application. At times, the student may be given a written test after the personal interview if the school authorities may deem fit.

After this, the list of selected candidates are put in the school or the parent/guardian of the candidate is called personally and informed. Only after the school's admission fee is paid in full by the selected candidates before the given last date, their seat will be confirmed.

Montessori1 / Nursery - 2½ yrs – 2 yrs 10 months.

Montessori 2 / Prep 1 - 3½ yrs – 3 yrs 10 months.

Montessori 3 / Prep 2 - 4 yrs 10 months.

Primary: Child should have completed 5 years and 10 months of age as on 1st of June for admission to I Standard.