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Code Of Conduct

We have the highest ambition for good discipline and expects our students to excel in all aspects of school life. Our code of conduct clearly sets out our expectations and has a structured system which promotes high standards of work and behaviour both on and off the school premises.

Be a regular Scholar. Come to school in clean and tidy School Uniform and well in time.

Let there be grace and sense of purpose in your work and movement.

Be regular for assembly, and take active part in its conduct.

Extend your discipline in keeping the classroom and the school campus clean. Don’t scatter bits of paper on the floor. Should you find any, remove them. Neither spoil the walls nor damage the school furniture and other property. They are yours and you have to pass them on to your younger brothers and sisters. Report damage or loss immediately to the class teacher or Principal. Any damage will be made good by the person responsible.

Don’t loiter about outside the classroom while the school is in-session.

While moving from one class to another take care not to disturb other classes. Always move in a line.

Bring only the prescribed text books and note books.

Take care of your things. Don’t lose them.

Should you find anything belonging to school or any other student, deposit it in the office.

While going out of the class when the schools in session, take Class Pass.

Read Newspapers and Magazines regularly. Don’t mark, underline or annotate them.

Don’t do anything that is derogatory to yourself respect.

Your work and conduct should be such that it brings a good name to the school.

Carry out the instruction of your Class monitor, House leader and School Prefects.

Be an active participant in every school activity.

Enter Home assignments in your school calendar regularly and do the work regularly.

Follow up the corrections and suggestions by the teacher.