Academic Staff

Our teachers are committed and experienced professionals who aid in developing students’ interests. They are also role-models who inspire the students to pursue their own learning objectives and to be successful founder

  • Principal: Mrs Manjula Jagadeesh
  • Vice-Principal: Mrs Savitha

Heads of School

  • High School HOD: Mrs Kamala M.G
  • Middle School HOD: Mrs Jalaja B.V
  • Primary HOD: Mrs Premadharan
  • Kinder garden HOD: Mrs Tripura K
  • Montessori HOD: Mrs Rathika Karthikeyan

Board of Education

  • Kannada: Mrs Kamala M.G
  • English: Mrs Bharathi Sahu
  • Scienc: Mrs Mastanbi
  • Hindi: Mrs Anju Tomer
  • Mathematics: Mrs Shazia Begum
  • Social Studies: Mrs Girija Padhy
  • Physical Education: Mr Ananda M